" Progress is mankind’s mode of existence."

Victor Hugo - Quotation from « Les Misérables »

Even though every individual has inherent capabilities to progress as an intrinsic part of their evolution, adaptation and fulfillment, these capacities need to be nurtured, encouraged and stimulated.


PlaceVictorHugo (PVH), a French specialist in the field of innovative, comprehensive, professional training, provides the means and expertise to help every individual progress throughout their professional and personal life.


Over the past 15 years, PVH has become a recognised expert in the field of practical, professional coaching. From management coaching, educational communication, and professional distance training to teaching French as a foreign language, language learning, French savoir-faire and expertise, etc.


The vocation of PVH is to offer every individual a taste of progress and to convey both the French language and French expertise far and wide.


Founder & President, PVH

44 years old


Over the past 20 years, Mathieu has innovated
in the field of training and school modernisation.

Jean-Marc MORET

General Manager, PVH

47 years old


Consultant at Bossard, IT Director at PRESSE+ and business entrepreneur (information technology and internet)

Jean-Marc joined Mathieu in 2005 to support the development of his business activities and in particular PlaceVictorHugo.

Under their impulse, together with the executive committee, in an environment marked
by the rise of distance learning and new technologies:


• PVH develops its business around human progress and the best France has to offer.


• PVH leads initiatives that bring an international perspective to the group to give
more opportunities to its different projects.


• PVH convey its taste for progress to help each talent grow by organising individual development, while maintaining its focus on outward orientation, cooperation and personal growth.

Key figures

25 M€



in 2014

35 000


students and managers
trained every year



creation of L’Ecole universelle, the oldest company of the group

more than 100


nationalities represented among our customers


They trust us

 35 000 people coached per year
including 8 000 foreigners, representing more than 100 different nationalities among our customers

International recognition

Our partners

PlaceVictorHugo is located in France

Paris - Versailles - Nice - Bordeaux - Biarritz - Rouen - La Martinique - La Guadeloupe - La Réunion


and in 5 countries

Madagascar - Senegal - Cote d'Ivoire - Maroc - Tunisie